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We've teamed up with the Innovation Unit to develop and evaluate a radically different school design process.

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DESIGN PRINCIPLES.  These are the foundation of all our schools and have been designed to connect purpose and approach with practice.  They inform every aspect of learning, infrastructure, place, space and strategy.  Our schools are about people, agency, connection, experience and trust, where children learn the skills they need to thrive today and in the future.


Understanding our shared human experience.  Celebrating and valuing our difference.


Supporting the realisation of agency through personalisation, awareness and action.


Connection to

the natural environment and to the local

and global community.


Integrating learning through real world experiences.


Manifesting trust to liberate potential in both adults and students.

OUR CULTURE. Place Schools are embedded in their surrounding natural and human environment; learning is made up of a rich variety of actors that create the lives of our students and staff.  We are part of that learning ecosystem which is always changing.  Our responsibility is to support students to engage, connect and thrive within it.  In doing this, we are inclusive, compassionate, and kind to ourselves, each other and to the environment.

STUDENTS OUTCOMES.   Students at Place Schools work towards a bespoke diploma that celebrates, values and acknowledges achievements across six essential outcome areas.   

of the Environment

Students value the natural environment and understand its connection to all forms of life.  They know how to learn, live and play in it and understand their role in caring for it.

Innovative and

Students feel free to innovate and create without restriction. They can think freely, critically and radically about the world around them.

Strong academic grounding

Students are highly successful academically and knowledgeable about the world around them. They have the capabilities, aspiration and

agency to access the opportunities they choose.

of Social Change

Students are equity-minded and can forge strong relationships

influencing inclusion, diversity and equality in their own lives and the lives of others.

Love Learning

Students are agents of their own learning and recognise that learning can happen anywhere. They know how to connect that learning to their own passions, interests and challenges. Learning has purpose for them.

Architects of their own futures

Students understand themselves and their capacity for wellbeing and resilience. They recognise the choice and responsibility they have for their own actions. They can make choices that are good for their physical and mental health.

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