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Place School Carlisle


The key to a thriving Garden Village

ST CUTHBERT'S GARDEN VILLAGE is the the largest development in the Governments Garden Village programme, bringing over 10,000 new homes to Carlisle, Cumbria.  You can find out more at  We have designed our first school as a direct response to the need for new school places that this development will create.  Our school will be an essential place-making component of the new community providing part of the infrastructure needed for the development to thrive.  Guiding principles of garden village design are closely aligned with the values and purpose of Place Schools Trust, and it is this synergy that makes St Cuthbert's Garden Village such an exciting prospect.  


OUR FOCUS is currently on finalising the Department for Education Free School bid, and making sure our school design meets the needs of the local community.  We would like to hear from potential partner organisations, businesses, professionals, parents, and community members who share our vision and want to join us on the journey.  While government timelines are subject to change due to the current pandemic, we anticipate having approval for Place School Carlisle towards the end of 2021, with the school fully open by 2025.


Place Schools Trust teamed up with the Innovation Unit to develop and evaluate a radically different school design process.  Our Carlisle specific Blue Print and Typical Day infographics are one of the outputs from this collaboration.  You can read more about our work together here.

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