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Staff teams work together to design projects, plan learning, share practice, develop resources, critique each others work as peer coaches and, together, build the schools unique professional knowledge-base.



Team time for advisors and students.  Understanding ourselves and others is an essential tool for life; so we've put it right at the heart of every day in school.  We use this time to explore and reflect on how we work as human beings and plan for the day ahead.



This could be a series of lessons or an in-depth experience.  Over the week it will cover all the necessary maths, science, english, humanities and arts.  It may be classroom or community-based; formal learning or investigations.  It will include content and skills and will be personalised to student needs.



Interdisciplinary and community projects.  The most varied part of the curriculum, this might include school designed projects that are all done on campus, or community based projects in small groups.  For older students it can be work experience.  At certain times it will be locally designed 'expeditions'



The day ends as it began, in team time.  There is check-in and planning for extended learning as well as a time to reflect on our interactions, experiences and insights that day.



A combination of conventional extra curricular activities to introduce new experiences and opportunities, as well as students pursuing their own personal passions and interests with support from teachers and community members.

OUR LEARNING STATEMENT.  Learning at Place Schools is different.  An emphasis on understanding self and others will run through every part of school life and students will be empowered with a knowledge of their own innate resilience and potential as a result.  Students will learn in an environment where fresh insights and creative thinking can flourish.  Learning will happen in and out of the classroom, within and beyond the school.  It will be connected to real world activities, challenges, projects and themes. Assessment will value and celebrate the wide range of knowledge, skills and capabilities that come from this way of learning.  Learning will have purpose, making it a meaningful part of students’ lives and providing opportunities and experiences that will connect them to the world around.


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